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Stirling City, California
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where is Stirling City?
This is the most asked question, even though the location is given on our home page. Stirling City is the last populated place on the Ridge along the Skyway above Paradise, in the Northern Sierra foothills. It is east of Chico, between State Routes 99 and 70 in Butte County; and 95 miles north of Sacramento.

Q When we visit Stirling City, where can we stop to get information?
The best place to stop would be the Stirling City Hotel, on your left as you enter Stirling City. Charlotte, the proprietor, will graciously assist you and direct you accordingly. You can also visit the Musuem/Library Complex next door to the hotel if it is open.

Q What restaurants or other facilities are available?
Unfortunately, Stirling City does not have any restaurants or service facilities, such as a gas station. The Stirling City Hotel & County Store is the only place you can purchase any needed supplies such as food, snacks and drinks.

Q What is the source of drinking water?
Water is supplied from PG&E;'s Hendricks diversion canal which carries water from the West Branch of the Feather River drainage area by a canal and tunnel to Long Ravine. This intake for the water system is located at the tunnel exit. The water treatment process consists basicially of filtration and disinfection at Stirling City's filtration plant which was constructed in 1985.

Q We heard Stirling City has a radio station - true?
Well, yes it does. But not the entertainment type. Nicknamed Oscar it is a weather station operated by Sierra Pacific Industries providing weather information for Stirling City. Tune your radio to 99.1 FM when in the area. Being solar-powered it may not always be on-the-air.

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