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Stirling City, California
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"Welcome to Your Legacy"

Stirling City's 100 Year Celebration was an Exciting Day
August 16, 2003.

A full day of fun, food, and activities were enjoyed by hundreds of wonderful folks from the surrounding area and as far away as the San Francisco Bay Area.

Opening ceremonies began at 9:00 AM with the dedication of the new Museum and Library Complex by Pete Cuming, Stirling City Historical Society President, and Charlotte Hilgeman, Director Museum/Library Project. A joining of hands by everyone was done as Charlotte had everyone repeat after her:

On this Day, Saturday, August 16, 2003,
We, the Members of
the Stirling City Historical Society,
the Residents and Friends
of Stirling City, California
Do Hereby Proudly
Dedicate the Stirling City Museum/Library Complex
to the Historical Society, the Residents and Friends
of Stirling City, California.
"Welcome to Your Legacy"

A self-guided Home Tour showcased eight historic locations, the most prominent being the Mill Superintendent's Home, now the Cumings Residence:

  • The Cemetery, end of Mica Road
  • McCoy House, "Log Cabin in the Woods", 17148 Spruce
      (Pond & Garden Viewing Only)
  • Gallia Home, "The Doctor's House", 17136 Manzanita Street
  • Brown Hall, 17125 Manzanita Street
  • White Church, 17059 Manzanita Street
  • Cheda House, "The Original Library", 17126 Skyway
  • Cumings Home, "Superintendents House", 17104 Skyway
  • Stirling City Hotel, "Country Store & Restaurant", 16975 Skyway

Antique cars were lined up on Skyway in front of the Museum/Library, as were several Craft and Food vendors, on Diamond Street, and some in the Dana Bailey Plantation park area, where the vibes of entertaining music was heard. CDF displayed Fire equipment, and Smokey Bear made his appearance. The CDF 205 Helicopter hovered overhead and made a landing allowing everyone a close look at a fire-fighting and rescue helicopter.

Sierra Pacific showed pictures and videos of logging production and management, forest and fire protection, along with a couple loaded logging trucks, and logging demonstrations.

Merlo Park was open bringing in many to view its nature beauty. At the Community Hall Erin Hamilton of KPAY provided Antique Appraisals. Traffic control was handled by Butte County Sheriff/STARS.

The Museum and Library was open for everyone to see the accomplishments of the many volunteers, over several months, who labored many hard hours in the repair and remodeling of the old CDF Office and Residence.

A special designed Cachet Envelope was available, presented by Tom Evans, Stirling City Postmaster, and the Paradise Stamp Club. The design was done by Margaret Brewer of the Paradise Stamp Club who has designed cachets for the Paradise Gold Nugget Days and Johnny Appleseed Days.

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